Rider Interview / by Brian Sweeney


Name: Kerry Hoffman

What frame are you riding? Stalwerx MTB....(does mine have a model name? Can we call it "The Hoff"?

Where do you ride? Anywhere in Colorado, but two favorite areas are Winter Park and Buffalo Creek.

What do you like most about your Stalwerx? The geometry and fit of the bike is custom built for my riding needs and style; also, seat stays are super sexy.

Preferred post ride brew? Whatever hazy IPA is on tap at the brewery closest to the trailhead OR Superfan by Odd 13 Brewing

Stalwerx: This build was a great opportunity to see a Stalwerx in action out West.  Kerry is a skilled rider who's input during the build and feedback afterward were very helpful, not to mention his IPA recommendations!  Aside from the build itself, I was also stoked to see it come back from paint.  Powder coat came back flawless and the dark tone made everything else pop.