Hi - my name is Brian Sweeney, and I began metal fabrication back in 2012 with the sole purpose of one day building bicycle frames.   Any opportunity to design and create with metal I took, and when not working on a specific project I was in the garage practicing. 

After a few years of consistent projects and routine practice, I attended the TIG welding course at Lincoln in Cleveland, OH in 2015, and later that year I built my first frame.  Over the course of the following 12 months I built 9 mountain bike frames.  While I was becoming marginally more comfortable with each frame, I began sensing an impending wall to progress; there's only so much you can self-teach in this craft.  It was around this time I decided I needed professional guidance, so I sought the help of Jim Kish in the Fall of 2016.  Jim not only helped me correct process errors and improve my overall ability, but he set me on a course to truly hone my skills once I was back on my own.

As I continue to build frames, my passion for this craft grows. Starting with a set of carefully selected tubes, and turning them into a fully functional bicycle is as satisfying as it is challenging. I build with steel, and mainly mountain and gravel frames, but I'm by no means limited to those two styles.  I live in the Charlotte, NC area, so if you're interested, or have any questions, feel free to contact me.  Thanks for visiting my site!